easy to use
ggManage has a simple and fun user interface.
No training is needed.
We will cooperate with you to add all the functionality
specific for your own business.
web based task tracking
You can track pending projects
from anywhere you can access internet,
assign a tasks, check your schedule, access to documents you need
and much more.
time management
You can analyze your business processes
and see where your projects are getting delayed.
Record time spent on tasks and projects and optimize the
team management
Teamwork is the key to success.
ggManage is allowing company to work as one utility.
Every person knows exactly on what he or she must work.
Team leaders are on a top of their projects.
powerfull reporting
We work with our customers to create custom made reports.
Every customer is special for us
and we strive to create a powerful
reporting tools which will meet our customers needs.
task history
Task's history is available.
Every change is stored with
information about editing time
and editor etc.
file sharing
Attach files to tasks.
Share files with your team members.